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Starting a Personal Training Business: Negligence and Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Trainer Negligence and Injury Lawyers

My eye, my eye your client says as the resistance band just broke and hit her in the eye.  I can’t believe this just happened, don’t you have safe equipment for us to use?  I’m going to sue you!  Next thing you know, you’re in a court room getting sued and your client is getting $250,000 dollars because she hired the best personal injury lawyer she could find.  This is probably the worst thing you can hear as a personal trainer and as it may be a rare occurrence it could happen to you.

When I was training at club “x”, this example actually happened at one of their corporate clubs and I believe it cost them a million dollars.  Remember that all states are different and you might be breaking a law by training outside at the park and your client gets injured which leads them to sue you.  All they would have to do is get online and look up "Colorado Personal Injury Lawyer" for example and put a case together against you. It would be sad if this happened to you, since all you were trying to do is help them achieve their fitness goals.

As a personal trainer, you should always be prepared and write out your client’s program and only perform exercises that are safe based on their abilities.  If you were to get sued, you would be able to prove which exercises you had them perform and why.  I know that injuries can occur at any time but if you’re training by the books and watching the client’s form, then you should have nothing to worry about.  I myself have been in a couple situations where I have had clients get injured and one in particular really scared me.  It was a warm day outside and the client knew he didn’t feel well, so we decided to call off the session but before we could he passed out.  A moment later he woke up and felt fine but that situation was still scary.  Even though he knew he shouldn’t have been working out and he didn’t tell me that he was dehydrated and lacked sleep, he could have called the best personal injury lawyer in town and tried to sue me. 

One suggestion that I would make is to have personal trainer insurance just in case an issue like this happened and you found yourself being sued.  You can purchase personal trainer insurance from the Philadelphia insurance company. 

Just remember that a client can get injured at any moment, whether you’re training outdoors or indoors and you should always inspect your equipment, training surface, etc.… to make sure there is nothing that could cause an injury.

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