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Quickest SEO Results: A Personal Trainers Guide to Increased Sales

Increase your Sales with SEO


Are you still trying to get more clients?  Continuing reading this if you are.  I’m going to discuss a couple simple steps that will help you increase your sales and revenue without talking to a single person.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I know what you’re thinking, I’m a personal trainer and I need to be out talking to people telling them why they need me.  Well this is true, everything but the part of telling them why they need you, they should actually be convincing you to be their trainer.  Anyways, this is a whole different subject for another day.  Instead, today we will discuss SEO and why you have to have it. 

SEO stands for search engine optimization and you need this to gain more clients through the internet.  If you’re saying I don’t have a website, then it’s time you get one and if you already have one, it’s time to follow these steps.  These seven steps will drive future clients to your website everyday without spending a dime on advertising.

Do You Need an SEO Expert?

The answer to this question is yes and no.  Honestly, I am just a beginner at SEO but I am learning who to follow and which techniques I should be using.  So why should you listen to me?  Well, you don’t have to but I will discuss some great tips and give you a couple great links that will help you increase your traffic and sales.  Everything that you read today are tips that I just learned and I am trying them out and If you are reading this, then maybe they worked.   

SEO Tips that Get Results

Tip 1:  Follow Brian Dean from

I just found his website a couple days ago and I am trying out some of his tips from a couple of his blogs.  You can find these tips at On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page.

Tip 2:  Use Short URL’s

I have never done this, as I have always used the url of the title from my blog. Example; Beginner-Kettlebell-Workout-for-all-Women-to-Perform-at-Home.  His comment was the search engines don’t like long url’s and the first couple words hold the most weight. 

Tip 3:  Start your Title with your Keyword

I just started doing this over the past month as I recreated my website and blog  I would assume this is due to the keyword holding more weight compared to your other words in the title.  Also, search engines really count on your titles to know what your page is about.

Tip 4:  Use multimedia (pictures, video, infographics, etc.)

Placing multimedia in your blogs and website breaks up the content and makes those pages more enjoyable to read.  I have always known to do this but still lack the discipline to add them as they typically take more time.  Although, I will now try my best to add these when I can.

Tip 5:  Place Outbound Links in your Pages

Brian brought up a really great point when he said people forget to do this and it helps search engines figure out what your page is about but make sure it’s relevant websites.  As you can see, I did this as I placed links back to his website. 

Tip 6. Make Sharing Easy

I had share buttons on my old website but not on my new one, so I just started to add these to my webpages.  I found an easy way to do this from  Adding share buttons makes it really easy from visitors to share your information quickly to friends and they might get you a new client.

Tip 7:  Create Long Content to Post

This is great advice as I just started doing this more often.  I never thought about creating long pieces of content before because I always thought people didn’t have time to read it, so make it short and simple.  Short and simple, may work for some keywords but if you're in a competitive market, Brian suggest more the better and I would have to agree.  Having more content shows the search engines that it’s quality page and might be worth reading compared to a 200 word post.  He also suggest to post at least 1000 words for competitive keywords.

These seven tips will help you get started on creating quality post and put you in front of the right people.  I know I probably messed up some of the tips from, so please visit this website to learn more about SEO and increasing your sales.  I would also like to thank Brian Dean from for this great information. 

This is NOT an ad for, I wrote this post for SEO tips to help anyone reading this.

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