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Starting a Personal Training Business Part 1.2: Online Personal Training

Starting an Online Personal Training Business

Making money while you sleep is always a good thing but can it really be done?  Of course it can!  That’s the easy answer I will give you but in reality, starting an online personal training business can be very complex and take 1000’s of hours depending on your business model.  I will go through some simple steps to get you started based on my knowledge and experience.

Starting an Online Personal Training Business

This example will cover eight steps to create a website like and of course you can apply these steps to make any kind of online personal training website.

Step 1:  Figuring Out Your Business Model

For my example, it’s to offer free workout videos and fitness education while making money from advertising and selling products.  These income streams may change in the future depending on website traffic and a number of different reasons.

Step 2:  Create a Workout Program

I initially created programs based on working out at home using simple pieces of equipment.

Step 3:  Start Filming Your Workouts and Make the Necessary Edits

This is the most time consuming process there is when you are creating and editing all the workouts yourself.  You will have to think of a system to make this simple as possible.  Once completed, you must encode the videos so you can upload and play online.  This also takes a tremendous amount of time and depends on computer speed.

Step 4:  Find a Website Template

You will need to find a website template that will work for your business model and idea.  Unless you know some basic HTML, making changes to a template probably won’t happen unless you hire someone.  I suggest you keep your website very simple at first, as this can be very time consuming and you will probably never be happy.

Step 5:  Find a Web Hosting Provider

Once you have some videos completed, you will need to find web hosting so you can upload your website template and make changes as necessary.  After you have your first draft completed, decide where you want to store the videos.  You will have two options, option number 1 is to upload the videos to YouTube and embed them on your webpages and option number 2, is to upload the videos to your website, download a video player and display them on your webpages.  Option 2 is much more complicated and you will need more hard drive space and bandwidth on your web hosting package.  Option 2 will also cost you more money than option 1 depending on your web hosting package.

Step 6:  Test Your Website

Testing your website is critical to make sure all aspects of your website work before having customers come to the site.  Try to adequate time to do this even though you will be ready to get it posted.  You will also want to test your site each week/month, just in case a change got made by your hosting provider that affected your website. 

Step 7:  Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Steps 6 and 7 should be done at the same time but if you are using some SEO programs, your website might need to be live before it will give you results.  Search engine optimization is probably your most important piece of website beside the content itself.  Without great content, you cannot drive traffic and without SEO, it’s very hard to rank high in the search engine rankings.  SEO combines keywords, text amount, backlinks, headers, etc... I suggest you think about your target market and search on Google AdWords for high volume keywords and base your content around those keywords.  You will also want long tail keywords, which will have a lower search volume but it’s easier to rank higher in the search engines.  Please do your research on SEO, as it’s always changing or have someone do it for you.

Step 8:  Upload Files to the Web (Going Live)

It’s time to upload all your files to the web and start marketing and advertising.  Besides SEO, you have to get your name out there and people interested in your website.  For me, this is the hardest part, it’s easy to put everything together but to get people interested and drive traffic to your website can be a very long process.  It may take a couple years before you consistently get traffic to your website and you may not even know why.  Sometimes you don’t ask questions and just keep doing what you’re doing and let it happen.  Usually, it’s because you’ve been adding great content to your website all the time and sharing it with everyone you know.  You can also advertise your website online if you have the budget for it.  Just do your research beforehand, so you don’t end up spending money you don’t have to.   

Now you have eight steps that can get you started with creating your own online personal training business.  You can also add a simple blog or get really creative with it.  I hope these steps will help you get started.

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